Jewish identity and the Holocaust Museum

Asher Lipsett, a student in my Nationalism class, analyzes the decision to build a Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC as part of the ongoing debate about the identity of Jewish-Americans. Its opening is both a reminder of the terrible events of World War II, but also an expression of the success of American Jews in establishing a secure presence in American society.



1 thought on “Jewish identity and the Holocaust Museum

  1. This is a very impressive piece of work with a mature videography and well articulated narrative of the background. Although , there could have been more visual display of the museum records about holocaust, but it was also equally important to show as to how the Jews found a safe abode across the land of carnage. Therefore, the transformation of the Austro-German Jews into American Jews are historically significant. Here , I remember the great histroian Eric Hobsbawm’s biographical work where he described as to how just due to a family calamity preceeding the World War II, he and his sister were sent to England and could be saved from the Nazi carnage that soon followed. They had been orphaned but that saved them and gifted the most talented historian of the century from the Jewish world! If one can document some of such success stories, that I think will be even more inspiring for the posterity…….May be Lipsett would give it a thought sometime.
    And hats off to Peter, who ca make hi teaching such a all encompassing exercise in studying the connection between past and present!

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