This blog includes links to new articles on recent developments around the world where nationalism is shaping political events

I am Peter Rutland, a Professor of Government at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. My main research interest is Russia and the former Soviet Union, but I teach a course on nationalism which includes cases from many countries.

You can find the syllabus for that course here.

I wrote an article for the Encyclopedia of Political Science (CQ Press, 2010) in which I try to explain what nationalism is, how it has evolved over the past 200 years, and the role it plays in different political systems around the world. This blog does not take sides in nationalist disputes and it tries to maintain a neutral and objective stance while analyzing the forces behind such movements and conflicts.

For my own research on Russia, see my website.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Peter,
    Are you a settler or a colonist?
    You may be interested in this link – http://www.scotsman.com/scotland-on-sunday/scotland/alasdair-gray-attacks-english-for-colonising-arts-1-2694368
    It has stimulated a lot of comment and some debate in the last month. It is, of course, significant not just for what it says, but also for the impact it has – such sentiments give succour to the prejudices and intolerance of the more narrow minded nationalists, encouraging the comment-bile that is appended to so many articles on media websites.

  2. Hi Peter, I appreciate your current focus is largely on Russia, but of course nationalism is resurgent in many countries. Scotland has its referendum on September 18th, and it would be good to get your perspective on that. In this context, you may be interested in this article that a friend has just published – http://leftfootforward.org/2014/07/up-close-scottish-nationalism-looks-a-bit-like-other-nationalisms/ – which may be stating the obvious to some, but seems to have escaped many others.

    • I have been on sabbatical this past semester working on Russia projects. In fall, when I teach nationalism again, I will start blogging about broader issues, and Scotland is certainly top of the list.

  3. Hi, Peter!
    Obviously there was some mistake in the email. Or a broken link. I googled it and found it. It is a nce blog!

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