1 thought on “Do Black Lives Matter in Russia?

  1. This shows in vivid details how the shadows of cold war polemics overshadow the rationale behind the stands taken by the Russians so far US is concerned.

    The more intriguing part is to be on guard while criticizing the police attrocities as against the criminality of the Afro- American citizens. The common notion of branding a whole community with a racial prejudice in a very faulty approach.
    Even those who make an exception are, somehow, ignored.

    Most significantly, the article mentioned the racial arrogance of Russia as against her other non- Russian post – Soviet brothers. Especially the Central Asians , who too have exactly the same social status in Russia , legally , even less protected , than the Afro- Americans in the USA. It is understandable why the Russian state takes a Luke warm position towards this movement of black life matters! Russia’s hegemonic practices throughout the Soviet decades has its more crude version in contemporary Russian federation. It can ignite any of these oppressed and marginalised groups to raise their voice in the same logic .

    Lastly , it is really interesting to see , the miniscule representation of African people in the citizen body of the erstwhile USSR! That makes the issue a far off matter – happening in America. It reminds me of the protagonist of Ania Ulinich in Petropolis , Sasha , who had stated with contempt to her American step- mother , ” How many black Russians have you seen ? One of them is my father …… ”

    Actually , every strand of reaction on part of Russian state and people, within Russia or in US indicates their own stake and insecurity in the matter , failing to reach any objective neutrality.

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