1 thought on “Is Putin a threat to Europe?

  1. The article explained all the complex and fuzzy zones over Ukraine issue and rationalized Putin’s stand which apparently seems foolhardy, as a clever strategy to sustain in power. But interestingly also indicated at the end its futility in the changing gamut of post-cold war geopolitics.
    The article addressed to the non-experts in the field deliberated in a most lucid terms all the prose and cones of Putin’s stance in Ukraine and its threefold ramifications- 1) for Ukraine, 2) for Russia, 3) for US and the rest of the world.

    The best part of the article lies in its positivism, ending up reassuring against any real threat for a Third World War. For the generation who grew up during the cold war days and aging in the post-cold war era, the threat of a shadow of a Third World War loom large whenever any such prolonged tension brews up. And the shadow becomes larger than life when it is between the erst-while super powers. Therefore, the title of the article sounded alarming, but the story unfolded within represented the image of Putin more as a paper lion( Bear?) than a real menace.
    But one question keeps lingering at the backdrop, what about the casualties in the process of this war game??? Sometimes, the megalomaniac leaders of great stature resembles overgrown bullying kids , enthralled by their destructive qualities.

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