South African nationalism

My student Teresa Patterson made this presentation for my Nationalism class.


One thought on “South African nationalism

  1. The history of apartheid resonates in the history of nationalism of South Africa. A esense of hatred based on irrational prejudice led to endless injustice and human trauma crested and endured. This politics of hatred, from whichever sides, cannot actually do away with the disjuncture. Attacking symbols would only precipitate the schism, still alive in the public memory and would foment new disruption.

    Patterson was very positive in her portrayal of a rainbow nationalism. Only cultural plurality and multinationalism can resolve such tensions.

    Only thing I found amiss in this project is the economic question. How far role of economy was related to the heightened tension between the two commuities, original Africans and the Europeans could have been mentioned at some part of the movie.

    The multiple statue programme in South Africa reminds me of my own countires, multifaceted political movements. Once dead, they all are considered martyrs and her- worshipped by all…………..

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